1. First of all, thank you so much for creating this plug-in. It has given me a very tidy and simple way to add the appropriate disclosures to my posts. I’m wondering, though, if there will be an update to allow placement of the disclosure BEFORE the post? Is it possible to make this change manually? With the FTC’s new rules on disclosures which require placement above the post, there will probably be an increased need for this. I love Disclosure Picker, but this could be a deal breaker when FTC cracks down.

    • Tonya, thanks for the interest! I didn’t realize that the FTC is saying it should be above the post. If you could, can you send me a link to where they’ve said that?

      The current plugin only puts it at the bottom, but you can change that. In disclosurepicker.php, look for this line of code: $content .= $disclosure_addition; It should be almost at the very bottom of the file.

      You can change the whole line to: $content = $disclosure_addition . $content;

      That will pop the disclosure before the content, most likely below the title.

      You’ve given me an upgrade idea, so once an upgrade rolls around, there should be an option for that in the future!

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