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Video Games Saved My Life


Going about my usual blog reading, I was reading this post (which linked to this Mashable post).  Great thoughts.  I’d like to add a few.

Video games are the movies of the next generation.  Games can suck you into their worlds so easily, it’s not even funny.  I remember playing Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic for days and days, totally immersed in the story.  I think that game might be one of the reasons I like writing stories so much.

But as much of a bad rap as these games get, they do teach us something.  They keep our minds active (and now with the Wii, the rest of us too!), they make you solve problems, they make you work with others.  These are all very important in the working world.  Use this to your advantage.

As an aside, I know there are games out there that are over the top.  All things in moderation.

What have games taught you?

Patience is a Virtue

Saw this on a post from Ragamuffin Soul the other day.  First off, I used to have a dominoes set.  I could never get much done, because I didn’t have enough patience (and my steadiness of hand was usually off).  This is an awesome set up!

Second, as you watch, think of the patience that it must have took to complete this.  And think of the patience you must have to complete your dreams and goals.  They usually don’t happen overnight. Run the race with perseverance.

[ Dominoes Everywhere from Jared Lyon on Vimeo ]